The Matures Porn Actors

They are 50+ but we still remember them and like their hot scenes. Pioneers of the genre, son and daughters of their epochs, they deserve their fame and glory! Nina Hartley Nina Hartley is an American actress of the hot genre, porn film director, sex-positive feminist, sex educator, and author.  This lady is still active

25 Amazing Facts about Porn

Queen Victoria adopted strict laws regarding the behavior of men and women, prohibiting nudity. However, they did not apply to photographs. These were the first hot pictures which then were sold for big money. The beginning of the 20th century marked the silent film era and underground porn studios in Europe. The first countries that

8 Top Actors In the History of Porn

Many believe that porn celebrities are from the USA. But first of all, let’s remember about a country which long before has been literally a capital of sex and erotica in art & literature – France.  She is beautiful at any time, and French retro porn is well known in the world of professional cinema