When you hear about porn movies, how do you think: in what states most of the porn studios located? Some people think that Germany is the leader here. But in fact, it’s only in the middle of gold! Here is the real situation:

  • The leader in production, of course, is the USA – this is due to the quality of the production facilities.  
  • Brazil is not only seeking leadership in soap operas, but also in this category!
  • Another position is behind Japan, yes!
  • Canada ranks fourth and … only fifth Germany.
  • The countries of the former socialist camp – Hungary, the Czech Republic, the former Yugoslavia states are not far behind.  
  • In this set are Scandinavian countries, Australia, Holland, Malta.
  • Russia also occupies a great share but sometimes by this country expert cover all post-Soviet adult studios.

American Pie

The American porn industry is flourishing at a time when the rest of the realms may have hard times. Moreover, it is even easier for the production teams to get a new labor force. The south of California works without a stop. A great demand is all that is needed so that this field of activity can grow and create new jobs.

“Every day new girls come in. Hundreds” says one actress. Such giants as ABC, CBS and NBC can’t even compete with enterprises which work in the realm of porn. The particular popularity of sexual content in the United States is partly explained by the fact that pornographic films were shown on major television channels, for example, the series Spartak and Californication. The prevalence of hot films was read more