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Top 15 Richest Porn Actors

  1. Jena Jameson

She didn’t earn really big money in the adult industry. Therefore, she invested all the savings in her own company Club Jenna, which annually brings this lady several tens of millions of dollars.

  1. Tera Patrick

Tera was the first girl from the adult industry, who was called to shoot quite legal and very famous magazine. FHM was only beginning to the great success.

  1. Peter North

2,500 movies. Ten million dollars. Lord, only look at this man!

  1. Jesse Jane

Real sex icon! Hall of Fame, numerous awards and an impressive sum in the account do not prevent her from shooting again and again.

  1. Traci Lords

The girl began working at the age of 16 with fake documents. Since then, the fame of the adventurous beauty has spread around the world.

  1. Mara Takagi

This young nymphet began as a model. However, then the girl was lured by the high fees promised by the producers of adult films.

  1. Ron Jeremy

You either know who it is, or it is unclear why you even read this article. He is a grandfather of the business – no less, no more.

  1. Bree Olson

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8 Top Actors In the History of Porn

Many believe that porn celebrities are from the USA. But first of all, let’s remember about a country which long before has been literally a capital of sex and erotica in art & literature – France.  She is beautiful at any time, and French retro porn big titties is well known in the world of professional cinema for adults.

Cherchez la fame

This is a serious stratum of national heritage, to which great attention is being paid worldwide. French women, blondes and dark-minded minxes, blond guys and massive blacks – in this state a great number of races and cultures have mixed, but their ability to have subtle lovemaking really impresses. This statement is true for all times: local adult video is sure to be found among true fans of arthouse.

French directors always had their own special cinematic taste, the scriptwriters collaborated with many colleagues around the globe, and the composers wrote the songs that were perfectly relevant for read more